Our consultants have extensive experience of implementing IALA Recommendations, Guidelines and Model Courses related to Vessel Traffic Services and Aids to Navigation.  

We specialise in needs assessment, the planning, conduct and documenting of navigation risk assessments using the IALA Risk Management Toolbox (IWRAP MkII, PAWSA and SIRA) and the preparation of strategic and operational plans, procedures and training related to Vessel Traffic Services Aids to Navigation.


We can assist in all aspects of VTS and AtoN provision in compliance with the IALA framework.

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Our expert consultants specialise in enabling Coastal States to demonstrate a clear and evidence backed commitment to fulfilling their obligations under SOLAS Ch V Regulations 12 and 13 through the effective implementation of IALA standards related to Aids to Navigation and Vessel Traffic Services.

Our consultants assist Coastal States, Port Authorities and other organisations to demonstrably improve the quality of their maritime management to an appropriate level to reflect the volume of traffic and degree of risk. We specialise in assisting both established Coastal States in addition to helping Coastal States in need improve or remove their IALA WWA need of assistance priority rating. 

We can provide advice, assistance, support and training in a wide range of areas related to the safety of navigation. 

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We are independent and professional consultants specialising in the implementation of IALA Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and IALA Aids to Navigation (AtoN) standards in support of SOLAS Convention requirements. ​Our consultants have extensive experience of all matters related to the management of the safety of navigation and in the responsibilities placed on Coastal States under the SOLAS Convention. Our consultants have international management level experience in Vessel Traffic Services and Aids to Navigation risk management, implementation and training. 

Our VTS and AtoN consultants hold STCW and IALA qualifications in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate academic qualifications giving clients a broad range of expertise, contacts and technical knowledge upon which to draw. 

Our lead consultant, Kevin Gregory, holds the full range of operational IALA qualifications:

  • ​IALA L1.1 International Aids to Navigation Manager - first class award
  • IALA L1.3 Risk Management Toolbox
  • IALA V-103/1 VTS Operator
  • IALA V-103/2 VTS Supervisor
  • IALA V-103/4 VTS On-the-Job Training Instructor

We are actively involved in international policy formulation within IALA and the IMO resulting in a unique knowledge of current and emerging regulatory and policy trends.

​We can provide solutions to meet a number of needs - some of our areas of specialist interest are available here although we can assist with a much wider range of projects and requirements including in the provision of IALA V-103 VTS Training Courses.

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